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TES Approach

  • This Request for Quote is received from the client and includes drawings, weights, packaging / labeling requirements, quantity, technical and material specifications.
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    One of our engineering staff reviews the RFQ to determine production capabilities according to the client’s requirements.
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    TES determine the best pre-audited manufacturers to meet the client’s specific requirements.
  • Samples are reviewed and qualified to ensure they meet the client’s requirements. After the samples pass the inspection, they are sent to the client for their approval along with detailed Material Test Reports and dimensional inspection reports.
  • The client sends TES the formal purchase order. Technical and material specifications quality control reviews are performed to make sure blueprint specifications are met.
  • A detailed price quotation is presented to the client that specifies unit pricing, tooling and inspection gauge costs (if applicable) along with delivery schedules for both pre-production samples and production run quantities. The quote includes shipping costs, customs duties and all related import fees.
  • After the client accepts the samples, they issue their formal inspection report authorizing TES to proceed with production. Our engineers utilize the client’s prints to create a detailed QC inspection checklist to monitor and evaluate the quality throughout the production process. Material Test Reports are produced according to the applicable standard requirement or a specific customer requirement as established during the quotation process.
  • Products are shipped to the client. We offer customized packaging and stocking programs from our warehouse.
  • Cost savings for our clients.


Our extensive experience, knowledge and deep industry expertise bring clients effective and efficient results. The utilization of the most advanced technology, equipment and components helps companies worldwide provide excellent electrical solutions to consumers.

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